Enjoy the Rugged Southern Tip of Bali

1. Know the waters before you take a dive.

You wouldn’t just walk up to a deep pool and dive in without knowing how deep it is and if it is infested with sharks. The same logic should apply when visiting this more remote area of Bali. It is a wonderful place that will feel like paradise if you have never been anywhere this secluded on past vacations, but you have to prepare yourself ahead of time for the climate and terrain.

This southern tip of Bali is rather dry, but there can be monsoons during certain seasons. A lot of the best beaches and attractions are down long dirt roads that may not be comfortable for driving a vehicle. There are no big city lights, night clubs, and 24/7 fast food joints.

Learn about this region and the calm, relaxing way of life. Go prepared for a soothing vacation away from the crowds and noise.

2. Check your budget before you even tempt yourself with this slice of heaven.

Since this southern tip of Bali is more remote and exclusive, you can expect prices for rental villas and other things to be a bit higher. That said, this is a luxury region where you will get more than what you pay for once you arrive.

This region makes for a luxury vacation, so make sure the budget allows for it before doing the research and getting your heart set on it.

3. Get local directions to the secluded beaches before you even arrive.

Some of the best beaches are off the paved roads in this area of Bali. Look online or talk to the owner of your rental villa to find out about those within a reasonable distance from where you will be staying. This way you won’t have a lot of trouble finding your way off the paved roads.

4. Spring for a villa that gives you complete access to concierge services.

Part of the trip to this area of Bali should be staying in high luxury villas with around the clock concierge services. This is especially important on your first visit to the region since you may need some help finding your way around.

5. Make sure you are traveling with the right crowd for the region.

Finally, think about who you will be taking this vacation with and make sure they are suited to the more rugged, remote scenery. For instance, it is a paradise for honeymooners but a new mother with a newborn baby may not find the rough roads and harder to reach beaches as comforting.