About Rome Hotels

Rome offers a variety of accommodations and lodgings ranging from hotels, boarding hostels, guesthouses, campgrounds, self-catering accommodations to the more traditional lodges and inns. But hotels are still the most popular choice by many tourists not only because of the luxury they offer but also because of their accessibility.

In choosing your hotel, the primary consideration is your budget. What would be affordable given your resources?

One-star hotels such as Cressy, Kristi, Sandra, Mari 2, II Castelletto, II Papavero, Gabriele, Viennese, Antica Locanda Palmieri, Cristina’s, Euro Quiris, Sallustio, Malta, Mari, Azzurra, Beauty, Andreina, Aristotele, Moscatello and Les Chambres d – or will cost you from 45.00 to 70.00 euro. Prices of two-star hotels like Urbis, Felice, Ferrarese, City Guesthouse, Cassia, Domus Mea, Hollywood Roma, Cortorillo, Mirage, Ducale, Halifax, Piave, Rubino, Planet, Stella, Paradise, Virginia, Sweet Home, Scott House, Baltic, Cavour, Georgina, Magic, New York, Amico, Ascot, Dell-Urbe, Marco Polo, Teti, Tempio de Pallade, Marcus, Robinson, Italia, Giubelio, Dei Mille, Ercoli, Gabriella, Luciani, Lussemburgo, Luzzatti and vary from 50.00 to 70.00 euro. You can stay in three-star hotels such as Cascina Palace, Flaminius, Arcadia, Waldorf, Zone, Giada, XX Settembre, Villa Maria Regina, Giotto, Palacavicchi to name a few from 42.00 to 60.00 euro. Four-star hotels like Pisana Palace, Petra, Domina Inn Roma Cassia, Pineta Palace, Hermitage, Sunrise, Saint Paul, Roma Park, Aureliano, Regent and 120 others cost about 50.00 to 90.00 euro. While five-star hotels like Bernini Bristol, Hotel Aldrovandi Palace, Lord Byron, Grand Hotel Plaza, Splendide Royal, Exedra, A Boscolo Luxury Hotel, Ambasciatori Palace, Regina Baglioni, Majestic, Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi, Grand Hotel de le Minerve and Hassler Villa Medici charge from 210.00 to 514.55 euro.

Another consideration in choosing hotels is its proximity to the center of the city. Although if you prefer accommodations from outside the center, you just have to make sure that your hotel is located near a train terminal so that it will be easy for you to access the city proper. Hotels offer varieties of services and you have to check them out before making reservations so that your accommodations will suit your requirements.