Dream Villa Vacation

Firstly don’t get fooled by a single picture – especially if it’s tiny and difficult to see – or the lovely descriptive prose which may not resemble reality. All villas can look stunningly beautiful when painted gleaming white, but avoid booking one that does not show sufficient interior pictures. And look closely into each picture – does the bedroom show a headboard, or is it just pillows against the wall? This could indicate lack of preparation by the owner or lack of expenditure on the villa generally.

Clarify if the pictures are current. Was that fantastic view taken from the roof of the building or before some building plot was developed next door? It’s not much fun if your sea view is only from the top floor toilet. It does happen.

Ask if you have sun on your terrace. Or will you be in shade from 1pm onwards? Find out about the villa’s position and orientation so you know that you do not have go to the beach in order to catch some rays.

A private villa owner may oversell his pride and joy. Think about the things that can make a big difference to your vacation. Would you think to ask an owner if the kitchen china is really just inexpensive acrylic or is it a proper unmixed china set? How can you tell if the sofa suite is cheap and not so comfortable or of superior quality? What is the type of linen and towels used, could it be bobbly winceyette sheets for summer use?

Look for an unbiased grading or rating – it’ll save you asking awkward or embarrassing questions about your villa vacation. It’s best to seek out those who show gradings that indicate the quality grade of kitchen equipment and soft furnishings (including beds and sofas), say, separately.

Ask what service backup do you have if something goes wrong. Ensure that your chosen villa has professional support in case you experience a problem that cannot be rectified quickly. Is for example a knowledgeable local person on hand seven days a week to resolve maintenance issues efficiently?

What happens if the villa becomes unavailable due to the owner taking a double booking (it happens)? Or if there is a problem with the pool, a new building next door, or something not repairable quickly. A private owner may have problems relocating you, while a firm has more options to give you alternative accommodation should something go wrong.

Is privacy important to you? Be aware that many new villas are on very small plots and though are detached, you will be close to your neighbour. So check if the details are specific about this. And, if closeness to shops and supermarkets is important, then do ask.

Private owners may also wish to get a high rate of return on their investment when they rent them out to vacationmakers – or simply believe that their villa just has to be worth more than the market around them. So rates could be unjustifiably higher when compared to similar villas in the same areas.

When thinking about booking a villa vacation through an agency, be certain who you are dealing with. Ask if the agency has a direct contract with the owner and is not sub-contracted. This ensures that you only liaise with one party, as sub-contracted parties are not in full management control of the villa, resulting possibly in delays of damage deposit repayments.

Check the small print carefully for extra charges. These can include surcharges for credit card use, damage charges even if no damage occurs, and unfair administrative fees charged per person or for simple changes to a booking.

Using a credit card such as Mastercard and Visa (not a charge card such as Amex, Diners Club or Switch or a business card) gives you, providing the payment exceeds £100 (payment amounts and cover may vary from country to country), full consumer credit card protection. So if the villa was fictitious, or the owner or agency was not what it seemed, you can get a full refund from the credit card firm.

Exotic Holiday Experience

Italy has set records ticking, being considered the fourth most visited country in the world. Italy has competently found its place on the globe with people and places to reckon with- who has not heard of Michelangelo, the famous artisan behind the great Sistine Chapel, in Rome, not too far behind is another personality Leonardo Da Vinci a gifted man of intelligence. While these were people who made Italy famous, Pasta a equally famous Italian dish found its way to millions of food lovers across the world. Besides Pizza now categorised as fast food all over was first made in Italy. Contrary to popular belief the Leaning Tower of Pisa has nothing to do with the name pizza. Rather it is a popular monument built years ago which literally leans and this characteristic makes it impossible to forget.

Italy is also known for its luscious wines, sumptuous olives, exquisite cheeses, and is world famous for its rich quality of foods and wines. What attracts a large number of tourists to Italy has to undoubtedly be the rich history, sumptuous food platters, the Old world charm and the handcrafted items that serve as memoirs to gift once you travel out of Italy. The concept of Agriturismo was made famous in Italy, which actually means farm stays – luxury holidays away from city life. These agriturismo accommodations have a simple and rustic appeal, while some of them can be expected to be plain luxurious accommodations. Some of the amenities provided to you would be swimming pools and riding stables. What takes the cake in such accommodations is the delicious homegrown food.

As a traveller you will be surprised to know the variety of accommodations that are made available to you, primarily an indication of the hospitality extended. Motorhomes, villas, romantic houses and five star hotels. While you get to select what describes an ideal vacation for you when away from home- Motorhomes are strongly recommended for the experience of a lifetime. Getting yourself acquainted with areas in and around Italy may not be an uphill task- some names that will often appear as strong recommendations will be: Napoli and Amalfi, Tuscany, Umbria, Lago di Garda.

Motorhomes act as your home away from home – well equipped accommodations that offer sleeping bags, crockery, glassware and cooking utensils. These are well maintained motorhomes that will take you around town while you enjoy the beauty of the city in the luxury of your home.

Luxury villas at Tuscany come second best in line to help you relax and unwind. Located in extraordinary luxury estates of Italy, Tuscany is ideal when you wish to stroll across historic centers like Siena, Pienza, Florence and Cortona. When at Tuscany do not miss visiting the vineyards of Montalcino to savour some good Tuscan label wines. If you wish to shop for some commendable leather goods, villages of Chianti is the place to be.

If you select a hotel accommodation above the others then Lago di Garda has some good hotels to talk about like the Sport Club hotel located in the lushes above the Lake Garda, a perfect combination of attaining serenity amongst nature. You will get facilities like air condition, Internet connectivity and the lake view all together.

Hotels in Italy

Hotels in Italy are expensive as compared to the hotels in other places of Europe. Facilities in these are vary depending on the service they offer and also the hotel type and location. that is located in city center is likely to be highly priced as compared to one located in suburbs. These are some of the small things you can check if you do not want to spend too much money on accommodation during the trip. Research about the hotels properly on the web and read reviews, you are sure to find something that suits your requirements.

There are many hotels in Italy and no matter what you requirements are; you will find something you like. Apart from the basic facilities; luxury have additional services to give guest the ultimate experience of luxury while staying in the hotels. Some of the options include:

• Atlantis Bay
• Golden Palace
• Hotel Garda
• Hotel Soperga
• Hotel Raffaello
• Borgo Paraelios
• Bernini Bristol
• Aldrovandi Palace
• Baia dei Faraqlioni
• Grand Hotel Baglioni
• Carlton hotel Baglioni
• Grand hotel A Villa Felt
• Capri Palace Hotel -Spa

Facilities that you can enjoy at most of the hotels in Italy include – air conditioned room, internet connection, telephone, dryer, T.V with a cable connection, iron and iron board, bathrobe, linen, radio and alarm clock among others. There are all types of hotels in Italy from star rated hotels to luxury hotels to motels to cheap hotels, you will find it all.

First Timer Visiting Italy

The number one tip for my mom was to not over pack clothing or shoes. This is because of the amazing shopping in Italy! I found amazing items at the street markets in Rome and Florence. It is easy to become inspired by Italian fashion and there are plenty of opportunities to find gorgeous clothing, shoes and handbags.

For my father I told him to not to get caught up with making and keeping a strict itinerary. Instead, to embrace the Italian culture and leave a few days open to discover what is around the next corner.

After returning home they both agreed that my Italy travel advice was worth taking. Traveling and vacationing in Italy is much different from most American vacation experiences. If you like history and art Italy has more than enough to go around. Even total art buffs can become a little burnt out if touring museums and monuments is the main focus.

I recommend mixing it up a bit from day to day. Enjoying the Italian countryside is a great way to take a break from high tourist volume in Rome, Venice, and Florence. My parents had an amazing time for a part of their trip relaxing at a beautiful Villa in Tuscany.

Which leads to my last bit of advice. If your traveling to Italy for the first time it’s essential to stay longer than one week. It’s important to be able to travel throughout Italy to major destinations feeling fulfilled with the experience. Rushing through Italy’s major cities and the countryside would most likely leave you frustrated and tired.

As a first time traveler to Italy you deserve to savor everything from the food the to the unexpected. Enjoy!