Enjoy the Rugged Southern Tip of Bali

1. Know the waters before you take a dive.

You wouldn’t just walk up to a deep pool and dive in without knowing how deep it is and if it is infested with sharks. The same logic should apply when visiting this more remote area of Bali. It is a wonderful place that will feel like paradise if you have never been anywhere this secluded on past vacations, but you have to prepare yourself ahead of time for the climate and terrain.

This southern tip of Bali is rather dry, but there can be monsoons during certain seasons. A lot of the best beaches and attractions are down long dirt roads that may not be comfortable for driving a vehicle. There are no big city lights, night clubs, and 24/7 fast food joints.

Learn about this region and the calm, relaxing way of life. Go prepared for a soothing vacation away from the crowds and noise.

2. Check your budget before you even tempt yourself with this slice of heaven.

Since this southern tip of Bali is more remote and exclusive, you can expect prices for rental villas and other things to be a bit higher. That said, this is a luxury region where you will get more than what you pay for once you arrive.

This region makes for a luxury vacation, so make sure the budget allows for it before doing the research and getting your heart set on it.

3. Get local directions to the secluded beaches before you even arrive.

Some of the best beaches are off the paved roads in this area of Bali. Look online or talk to the owner of your rental villa to find out about those within a reasonable distance from where you will be staying. This way you won’t have a lot of trouble finding your way off the paved roads.

4. Spring for a villa that gives you complete access to concierge services.

Part of the trip to this area of Bali should be staying in high luxury villas with around the clock concierge services. This is especially important on your first visit to the region since you may need some help finding your way around.

5. Make sure you are traveling with the right crowd for the region.

Finally, think about who you will be taking this vacation with and make sure they are suited to the more rugged, remote scenery. For instance, it is a paradise for honeymooners but a new mother with a newborn baby may not find the rough roads and harder to reach beaches as comforting.

Disney With Toddlers

Where to stay: Florida Villa or Disney Hotel? There are two obvious choices of where to stay for your Disney holiday. You can stay in a Florida villa and hire a car or book into an on site Disney hotel. Having a villa gives the parents more space to relax while the kids were in bed. The advice from our mums was to:

  • Look for villas with steps into the pool and a shelf so the kids can sit in the shallow water.
  • Check out the safety guards at the villa before you go by contacting the villa owner directly.
  • Check which have free use of highchairs, buggies and cots.

In Florida, all doors are alarmed by law, so children can’t get out of the villa without you knowing. For those that want to lap up every Disney minute there are the Disney Hotels. They are a magical experience with fantastic pools and play areas and perhaps a chance to meet some of the Disney characters at breakfast. One mum who stayed at the Disney World Yacht Club loved the pool area with it’s safe parts for toddlers. Their room also had a balcony overlooking the lake, so a great place to sit and relax while their toddler slept and recharged the batteries ready for the next day of excitement. One mum stayed at the Disney Regal Sun Resort. She also liked the pool with its fountains, jets and slides but was particularly impressed that the hotel provided games and toys for children.

Preparing for your day at the parks

Make the most of your Disney holiday and prepare well. Here are our mum’s tips for planning your Disney day:

1. Take an aerial topper or buy one there (a ping pong ball for your car aerial), it makes your car easier to spot in the huge Disney parking lot and ALWAYS write down which row you parked in.

2. Take snacks and water into the parks. Freeze your bottles of water the night before so they stay cool in the Florida sun. Food and drink can be expensive and not so great in the parks so store snacks in a cool bag under your buggy. Refill water bottles form water fountains in parks BIG MUST, high factor sun cream, it’s very hot in Florida in the summer months and drink plenty water.

3. Plan your day- where you’re going, decide what time you’ll be up and out, where you’re going to lunch, etc. If you get to the Disney parks early, you can spend all morning there then pop back to the villa for lunch, swim, nap and go back to the Disney in the evening.

4. Try and plan the rides and shows you want to do, you won’t get to do them all and lines can be long.

5. All of our mums implored ‘take a buggy’ to Disney even for those children at 3 ish who don’t really need it any more as they may well need to take a nap in the afternoons and you are going to cover a long way on foot. If nothing else, it gives you somewhere to put your lunch!

Disney Thrifty Tips

Pick up coupon books, loads in the tourist info booths along the 192, these books give you discounts on attractions and restaurants.

One mum’s husband and toddler enjoyed some bonding over the HUGE video game arcade “it would have cost the three of us $50 to enter”, but it is on the multi park ticket so we got in for free, and all the games are free too.

One mum told us that she took her own seats on their Disney holiday as she found out that it can cost £100 to hire 1 seat for two weeks. Most airlines will take car seats for free in the hold but do check with your airline first.

Safety When Arriving Holiday Villa

Gas boilers that are not properly maintained, and exhaust their gases back into the house, will cause carbon monoxide poisoning: a well maintained gas boiler that is properly vented is vital. A gas certificate should also be issued for gas central heating installations.

Flexible rubber gas tubes are used in all houses that have a gas hob or a gas central heating system: these rubber tubes have an expiry date printed on them, as they last about 5 years. It is very common for people to forget to renew these tubes, which do become fatigued and can leak gas. Check the date on the tube, which you will find imprinted along the tube that connects the gas bottle to the hob. Inform the appropriate person immediately if you find the date has expired.

It is a common practice in Spain for the washing machine to be placed in the bathroom along with the electrical connection socket, but this is dangerous as the bathroom is a wet environment and the user is likely to be wet too. The socket should be in an adjacent room, or be located in its own utility room.

Some older villas have very low balustrades, or large gaps between the spindles that a young child can slip through, or that the balustrade is placed on the edge of the plot boundary that happens to have a 10 metre drop the other side. A good agent will have inspected and ensured that such information is in the details.

The tiles in bathrooms and around the pool do not tend to be nonslip, as such caution should be advised, particularly if children wish to run around the pool area.

Always ensure that an adult is present at the poolside, or that two responsible persons are present, as even ‘no diving’ warming signs do not necessarily prevent children from diving in. The pool depths range from 1-2 metres, so it’s quite easy to dive in the shallow end and bump your head on the bottom.

The pine tree caterpillars known as Thaumetopoea Pityocampa give an allergic reaction in the form of a rash and pain if their hairs touch you or your pet. Wherever you see a white fluffy ball in a pine tree, it is their habitat. They are small but nonetheless should be avoided. The only way to kill them is to cut away that branch of the tree into a metal container and burn them.

Pick A Private Villa For Wedding Party

Check the surroundings. Is it a peaceful surrounding? You want the surroundings to be peaceful and exclusive because having it will make the place appear more exclusive.

How is the landscaping? Is the landscape beautiful and suitable for the event? Are there palm trees swaying in the wind and creating a romantic setting? These little details are what you should be taking note of when assessing the villa.

Ideally, the villa should be located near a beach, where the sounds of the waves can be heard. All your guests will enjoy the natural serene environment and that will help make your party a great success.

The size of the villa. Obviously, you need to pay attention to how big the house is. How many guests do you think the house can accommodate? For sure, you don’t want to invite too many people to a small house as that will lead to overcrowding and your guests will be feeling uncomfortable.

Check available furnishing. When you plan for a party, you should always think ahead. Try to anticipate the needs of your guests. For instance, how many chairs do you think you need? Are there enough chairs within the villa? When you serve food, you will need tables to set the food on. Will the caterer provide these tables? Or are such tables available in the villa? Some villas have garden furnishing that you can make full use of.

Such details may appear small but if you neglect them, your guests may have to face some slight inconveniences.

Available services. Sometimes, despite the best planning, unseen circumstances may still spoil the party for you. For instance, you may think that you have enough food for everyone but then someone brought along some unexpected guests. What can you do then? After all, the villa is likely to be situated near a beach and there is no way you can run out to a nearby convenience store or supermarket to buy more food. Fortunately, there is room service that you can count on. With a quick phone call, you can easily order extra (high quality) food to be added to the menu for party.